June 7, 2019

Do You Sleep with Socks On?


Pajamas or birthday suit, duvet or thin sheet—sleep preferences are as individual as you are. How you sleep can have a big impact on your quality of sleep, too. Getting tied up in clothes when you usually go au naturel at night can be very distracting. Trying out a thinner blanket if you’re typically cold will leave you feeling uncomfortable. Finding the right sleep combo is important to keep you comfortable throughout your slumber.

Which brings us to wearing socks while you sleep—do you do it? For some, this may sound like a strange idea, but there are actually a lot of benefits to giving it a try.

Warm Feet = Ready for Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation says that having cold feet slows your blood circulation, making it harder to get (and stay) asleep. Warming up your feet causes your blood vessels to dilate, telling your body it’s time for sleep. Throwing on socks at bedtime is an easy and fast way to achieve this.

Good Circulation = Better Regulation

Since warm feet helps your circulation, keeping socks on overnight helps maintain consistent body circulation. This may help with things like hot flashes, certain autoimmune symptoms, and just keeping you at a steady temperature so you don’t wake up uncomfortable.

Moisturizing = Less Irritation

Not sleep related, but a bonus nonetheless. Wearing socks can help your feet retain their natural moisture and improve the dry, cracked skin that can plague your tootsies. Socks can also help any moisturizers you apply to absorb more effectively.

Feet Covered = Better Lover

We ain’t nothing but mammals, after all. The University of Gronigen accidentally discovered that wearing socks during sexy time increased the chances of orgasm by 30%. Though we’ve typically associated socks during intimacy as anything but sexy, it just might be time to change that stance!

If you’re willing to give socks at bedtime a try, make sure you choose a breathable, cotton pair. Change into a clean pair before bed, and make sure your feet are fully dry.

If socks while you sleep just isn’t something you can get behind, try warming your feet another way. A heating pad at your feet, for example. Just don’t do both, or you’ll be likely to overheat.

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