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Hack your sleep, productivity, and creativity using personalized binaural beats.

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How it works

Using headphones to simultaneously send sound waves of different frequencies to each ear, the brain can produce a third wave based on the difference of the original waves, giving you control to induce a desired brainwave state.

Binaural waves are an effective method to induce several brain states, grouped into 5 main ranges.

1 - 4 Hz


Support deep sleep and have been associated with pain relief, healing, and accessing the unconscious mind. Delta waves have been associated with lucid dreaming.

5 - 8 Hz


Promote REM sleep, deep relaxation and meditation. Theta waves have also been known to entrain a creative state.

9 - 14 Hz


For stress relief and relaxed focus. Induce a state of effortless flow for your activities. A great everyday binaural beat to get the most out of your day.

15 - 30 Hz


Stimulating energy and action, beta waves boost focus for high-level cognition, analytical thinking and problem solving.

31+ Hz


Reaching the peak of high-level processing and awareness. Bursts of gamma waves have been associated with cognitive enhancement.


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  • Accessible on mobile and PC
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